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Vietnam, Hanoi

2017-01-10 posted in [Footprint]

For some helpless reasons, I had to take IELTS exam in vietnam. That was my first time travelling abroad, so I felt excited all the time during the trip.

In some ways, I suffered some misfortune, such as the late plane, the traffic accident and the hilarious room number(404, which is well-known by website developers, is a kind of error code of HTTP Protocol), but they could not break my curiosity for this country I met the first time.

It is an amazing country. First of all, there are uncountable motorbikes in the street, much more than cars and bicycles. According to the tour guide, Vietnam is the country which has most motorbikes all over the world. Seeing the motorbikes in the street in rush hour, I believed she was right. Additionally, the number on the bill is really huge enough to shock me. The currency rate between China Yuan and Vietnamese Donge is 1 : 3200, which means I need to pay 500,000 Donge for only one day for a bottom level hotel. Eventually, their diet is a little weird for me. Their dishes have two styles. One is cooked without oil and salt, the other is terribly sour and sweet. I have to say that their food is not suitable for me. But this kind of food insure great body shape for them.

This country surprised me for many times and gave me complex feelings. I think it looks like China in 1990s, but more internationalized than current Shanghai in China. I can experience many Chinese elements, including contemporary and traditional ones. For example, they have the temples for Guanyu who is a famous Chinese ancient people, and they also like Chinese pop songs. It is strange and familar.

I like this country, indeed. There are so many funny and intreseting things. I collected all kinds of bill and put them in a wallet which has a bill drawing as a souvenir. This is a memorable trip.