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China, HongKong

2017-02-04 posted in [Footprint]

Before travelling around HongKong, I considered it as just another modern metropolis like Shanghai which I have been living in for more than seven years. Then I travelled there, I found that it is true. There are not many differences between Shanghai and HongKong. Both of them are full of tall buildings, shopping mall, foreign visitors and crowded people, even the sceneries on ferry look the same. But luckily there are also something interesting happened on my journey.

Hail Iron Man! I am really a big fan of iron man, so the game in HongKong Disneyland which was about iron man was a fantastic gift for me. I wore a pair of special glasses, which looked cool, and experienced an amazing story in a airship with a few passengers. We pretended to be the visitors to the Stark company, but unfortunately (or luckily) we met an accidental event that a horrible monster wanted to destroy the city. Of course, it was the show time for Tony Stark. We fought the monster with Tony and other four airships. Thank Goodness! We won! That was a terribly exciting game for me because the airship moved like a real one. It was my best harvest in HongKong. Additionally, the design on my Disneyland ticket was the iron man.

It is really awesome to live like a richman. I bought a top level Macbook Pro for myself, I mean I chose all the additional options. Of course, buying a upscale Macbook must cost much money. And then, I went shopping with my wife to buy some branded toiletries. God bless the credit card! What was more was that we got accommodation in a five-star hotel and had a dinner in Peter Lugers Steakhouse. It was not bad to be a rich man, wasn’t it?

Compared with Shanghai, HongKong is a little more humanized. There is a bell which can notice the passerbys the status of the traffic light with the change of rhythm. Slow rhythm means waiting while Fast rhythm means walking. That is very useful for the people who prefer to playing their cell phones while waiting. And there is no security check in subway stations. It is more convinient than Shanghai.

Perhaps this journey was not perfect, but at least it was memorable.